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Communications & Community Relations

The Communications & Community Relations Department produces the Commission's external communications such as informational and educational brochures, customer newsletters, etc. In addition, this department represents the Commission at various public and community meetings and at all remote customer service sites located in Boston's neighborhoods.

Customer Service

The Customer Service department answers customer inquiries and resolves all disputes regarding customer account balances, reduce outstanding dollars on delinquent accounts, manages the automated calling system to increase the number of outgoing and follow-up calls on delinquent accounts, manages the Automated Dunning System and the Commission's integrated collection activities.

Engineering (Construction)

The Construction Division oversees the Commission's CIP projects and other major projects, which are undertaken by private developers or other agencies or utilities that impact our infrastructure.

Engineering (Customer Service)

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The Engineering Customer Service department assists BWSC's customers and in-house personnel by providing GIS information, research data, facility prints, water and sewer location cards, as-built and other relevant Street Log, Webpage, and Arcview information concerning the Commission's systems.

Engineering (Design)

The Engineering Design Division provides the Commission with professional engineering services for the design of water and wastewater construction projects. They also review outside projects that affect Commission facilities ensuring that those projects protect or enhance the Commission facilities.


The Finance Department implements fiscal policies that ensure a sound financial structure designed to provide the lowest possible cost of water, wastewater and storm drain services; establishes a billing methodology that is fair and equitable to all rate payers; advances security for the Commission's bondholders; designs and implements an internal controll structure intended to provide reasonable security for the safeguard of Commission assets.

Human Resources

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The Human Resources Department establishes and monitors personnel policies and procedures, manages hiring activities, maintains staff knowledge on related issues, assists in research to develop collective bargaining strategies, manages employee benefits and oversees the performance appraisal process.


The Operations Department ensures the ongoing maintenance and operability of the Commissionís water, sewerage, and drainage infrastructures. Operations personnel perform preventative maintenance activities and make emergency repairs to the Commissionís water mains, service pipes, hydrants, gates, valves, catch basins, manholes, sewers and storm lines as well as maintaining the Commissionís inventory of materials and equipment, fleet of vehicles, buildings and properties. In addition, the Operations department administers the Commissionís cross connection control and grease trap inspection programs.


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