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After a snow storm, you should shovel the snow away from fire hydrants in front of your home or business. This will greatly help the Fire Department in the event of an emergency, when response time is crucial.


Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises

The Commission acting through its Board of Commissioners, has adopted a Policy on the Utilization of Minority Business Enterprises (MBE's) and Women's Business Enterprises (WBE's) requiring that affirmative action be taken to ensure that MBE's and WBE's are used by the Commission in a more equitable manner.

The goals for the award of eligible contract dollars are established by the Commission, and are based upon the findings of a disparity study conducted by National Economic Research Associates, Inc. These goals will be measured in the aggregate during each fiscal year for contracts awarded by the commission for commodities and services, and on a contract by contract basis for contracts awarded by the Commission for construction services.

The goals set for Professional Services are: MBE 15% and WBE 6%

The goals set for Construction Services are: MBE 9% and WBE 6%

The Commission recognizes the importance of successful Affirmative Action Programs to the continued growth and vitality of the City of Boston, and will use its best efforts in meeting these goals. The Boston Water and Sewer is an equal opportunity employer, Women and Minority Owned Businesses are encouraged to participate.


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