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Choosing native plants and flowers of New England for your garden can increase growth and decrease watering maintenance, as your garden will suit the available resources in our region.

Fire Flow Information

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) conducts fire flow tests for engineers, developers, and sprinkler design companies. The tests provide actual pressure and flow data measured at specific fire hydrants within BWSC's water distribution system.

Requesting a fire flow test can be done either by mail or in person at BWSC’s Engineering Customer Services Department located at 980 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02119.

The Commission charges $442.00 to conduct a fire flow test which provides written results. The test results are usually available within three weeks of receiving the request, weather permitting. BWSC also maintains previously performed fire flow test results.

To request a fire flow test, or to determine if one has been completed within your project’s location, please download the Fire Flow Test Form.