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You can help prevent street flooding by keeping catch basins clear of leaves, trash and other debris.

Lead Service Map

Prior to 1950, lead was commonly used in the manufacture and installation of water service pipes and some private water service lines are made of lead. If too much lead enters your body, it can pose significant health risks, especially to children. For more information, refer to our Sources of Lead page.

The following map indicates, in red, properties within the City of Boston that have private lead service pipes. If your property has a lead service pipe, consider the following:

  • Owners of properties with lead service pipes can call the BWSC Lead Hotline at (617) 989-7888.
  • One, two and three family homes may be eligible for BWSC's Lead Replacement Incentive Program.
  • Tenants, whose building has a lead water service should contact their landlord or building manager.


  1. Begin entering an address in the search box, then select an address from the dropdown. Properties with lead service are highlighted in red and listed below the map.
  2. Use the plus and minus buttons in the upper left corner to zoom in and out.
  3. If you cannot find your street on the map, call the Lead Hotline at (617) 989-7888 for assistance.

For more information on the health risks of lead, see our Lead in Drinking Water brochure.

DISCLAIMER: The maps provided by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) are based on property surveys conducted during the installation of the Automated Meter Reading system, as well as information directly provided by customers and acquired during physical inspections. BWSC does not guarantee the accuracy of these records and maps, which shall be used for the sole purpose of providing property owners and residents with information regarding their private water services, and not for any commercial, legal or other use. These records will be updated on a monthly basis, or at such alternate times as BWSC designates. BWSC reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate at any time the display of these maps and records.


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