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Did You Know?

If using rain barrels under downspouts to collect rain water for your garden, use a lid, mesh fabric, or several drops of baby oil on the surface of the water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

The Water Trailer

Fill. Drink. Repeat.

water trailer
Boston Water and Sewer Commission's Water Trailer

Bostonians take pride in their clean, high-quality tap water that stems from the Quabbin and Wachusett reservoirs, which have been the main water sources for Boston since the early 1900's. In 2017, BWSC won the 8th annual "New England's Best Drinking Water Taste Test" competition at the New England Water Works Association annual conference. In 2014, the Boston Water and Sewer Commission's (BWSC) water was awarded "Best of the Best" nationally at the American Water Works Association's (AWWA) tenth annual tap water taste test.

BWSC wanted to come up with a way to distribute its tap water to Boston residents and visitors attending events and walking through the city. The Water Trailer made its debut in 2014 with six taps for people to fill up their water bottles. BWSC customized the trailer, adding four water bubblers and two doggy bowls so that people and their pets could use the trailer at the same time. BWSC also made the trailer ADA compliant making it more accessible to people with disabilities.

Martin J. Walsh
Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh

The Water Trailer's mission is to serve BWSC's campaign, "We Are All Connected". The campaign's purpose highlights ways to educate the public on how we can reduce stormwater pollution that ultimately affects local waterways, as well as to promote alternative solutions that would help better the community, environment, and waterways around the city of Boston. To learn more about the campaign click here to explore.

The motto for the Water Trailer is "Fill. Drink. Repeat." BWSC's goal is to motivate residents and visitors to drink and enjoy our water, but also refill their single-use bottles, to ultimately conserve plastic bottle usage in the city. The trailer has been featured at many events that educate the public on how the community can make Boston a cleaner, healthier environment. Having the Water Trailer present at educational events demonstrates to the public that if we protect our waterways, we will help conserve potable water for Boston's future.

USS Constitution
BWSC Water Trailer at the USS Constitution

Along with these civic events, the water trailer has made additional appearances across the city. These events range from food festivals, concerts on City Hall Plaza, and the 4th of July concert and fireworks on the Esplanade. It has even made appearances during heat emergency days to ensure that everyone had access to water and were able to stay hydrated.

The success of the water trailer has increased substantially over the last three years. In 2014, its first year of operation, the water trailer appeared at about 20 events. This increased to about 70 events in 2015 and to just over 100 events in 2016. These events often are crowded with Bostonians and visitors, bringing awareness to the water trailer and the "We Are All Connected" campaign.

To request the trailer for an upcoming event, you can email:

Mass Military
BWSC Water Trailer at the
Mass Military Heroes Fund annual
flag event on Boston Common.

We never run out of water at these events, the Water Trailer can be refilled at any potable water station in the area. Ultimately, the trailer serves as a way to bring the community together and to educate the people on how to make Boston a healthier, cleaner environment.

Did You Know?

  • The water trailer can hold up 725 gallons of water, putting the trailer itself at about 8,525 pounds.
  • The insulated room within the water trailer keeps the water at a chilling temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for a hot summer day or when just trying to satisfy your thirst.
  • Before providing the Water Trailer to BWSC "Cold to Go Trailers" had previously provided trailers for beer events.
  • The thermostat in the water trailer has a lifetime memory, so when re-plugged, it will resume the previous temperature automatically.
  • The water trailer's full name is the Dual Purpose Potable Water Dispensing Mobile Unit.