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A Watershed is a term used to describe the area drained by a river and its tributaries.

Standard Details

The following represent the most commonly used standard details for water and wastewater projects by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission. Other non-standard details are available upon request through the Engineering Department. The user should be aware that the Commission updates its standard details on a regular basis.

Number Description View Download
A-01 Typical thrust restraint details pdf icon
A-03 Typical connection to existing fitting pdf icon
A-04 Typical Connection to Exist Fitting for C+CL Project pdf icon
A-05 Typical trench detail of water main in firm ground pdf icon
A-06 Typical trench detail of water main in ledge pdf icon
A-07a Typical fire hydrant connection for high or low service line pdf icon
A-07d Typical fire hydrant connection for high pressure pdf icon
A-08 New offset water main pdf icon
A-09 Typical water pipe connection with tapping sleeve and gate valve pdf icon
A-10 Typical water connection for 3/4" and 1" service pipes pdf icon
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