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You can tell if your toilet leaks by putting a few drops of food coloring in your tank. Do not flush. If color appears in your bowl within 10-15 minutes, you have a leak.

Standard Details

The following represent the most commonly used standard details for water and wastewater projects by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission. Other non-standard details are available upon request through the Engineering Department. The user should be aware that the Commission updates its standard details on a regular basis.

Number Description View Download
A-11 Typical water connection for 1-1/2" and 2" service pipes pdf icon
A-12 By-Pass Pipe at Sidewalk Ramps pdf icon
A-13 Concrete block butterfly valve chamber pdf icon
A-14 Concrete block pitometer chamber pdf icon
A-15 Detail of Abandonment of Water Connection 3-Inch and Greater pdf icon
A-17 Typical pitometer tap and air release valve pdf icon
A-19 Typical gate valve installation in trench for sizes 20 inches and smaller pdf icon
B-01 Catch basin details pdf icon
B-02 Precast concrete manhole details pdf icon
B-02g Typical dog house manhole pdf icon
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