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The illegal operation of fire hydrants is dangerous and can result in breaks and the malfunction of the hydrant when needed for fire emergencies. Keep neighborhoods safe; report open hydrants to 617-989-7000.

Standard Details

The following represent the most commonly used standard details for water and wastewater projects by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission. Other non-standard details are available upon request through the Engineering Department. The user should be aware that the Commission updates its standard details on a regular basis.

Number Description View Download
B-12 Sewer and drain connections pdf icon
B-14 Location of backwater valves in cellars pdf icon
B-15 Typical sewer chimney detail pdf icon
B-17 Wye cleanout Detail pdf icon
B-18 Typical sewer and drain coupling pdf icon
B-20 Precast drywell details pdf icon
C-13 Vehicular ramp over temporary bypass pipe pdf icon
F-01 Boston 3/4" main tube cap pdf icon
F-02 Boston 1-1/2" main tube cap pdf icon
F-03 3/4" main shoe pdf icon
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