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A dairy cow must drink 4 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk.

Standard Details

The following represent the most commonly used standard details for water and wastewater projects by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission. Other non-standard details are available upon request through the Engineering Department. The user should be aware that the Commission updates its standard details on a regular basis.

Number Description View Download
F1-D22e Catch basin hood pdf icon
F1-D23 8" x 14" catch basin sign pdf icon
F2-08 Curb box pdf icon
F2-09 Special roadway box pdf icon
F2-10 Buffalo type valve box pdf icon
F3-05 Companion flange reducing type pdf icon
G-01 Approved oil and grease separator design pdf icon
G-02 Grease traps details pdf icon
G-03 Standard grease trap pdf icon
M-01 Correct plumbing for meter installation pdf icon
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