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Sewer backups and overflows are typically the result of grease buildup which can cause property damage, environmental problems and other health hazards. The easiest way to solve grease problems and help prevent overflows is to keep fats, oils and grease out of the sewer system. Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets.


BWSC prides itself on providing high-quality water and sewer services at the lowest possible cost to its ratepayers. Below are BWSC’s 2016 water and sewer rates. The following pages also include Special Fee Services and Fire Pipe Service Fees.

Rate revenues must cover the day-to-day expenses incurred to operate the water and sewer systems as well as to support ongoing BWSC maintenance and improvements that comply with federal and state agencies aimed at protecting health and protecting the environment. In addition, rate revenues also pay for the cost to purchase potable water and the transportation of wastewater from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). These overall approaches ensure a reliable and productive system.

2017 Water and Sewer Rates
Consumption Water Rates Sewer Rates
(Cu.Ft./Day) Per 1000 Cubic Feet Per 1000 Gallons Per 1000 Cubic Feet Per 1000 Gallons
First 19 $49.36 $6.599 $69.43 $9.282
Next 20 $51.67 $6.980 $71.57 $9.568
Next 50 $53.81 $7.193 $73.02 $9.762
Next 260 $57.21 $7.648 $77.03 $10.298
Next 950 $59.69 $7.980 $81.29 $10.868
Over 1,299 $61.78 $8.260 $84.09 $11.242
Effective January 1, 2017

The average one family customer using 180 gallons per day ("GPD") in 2017 will be charged $89.32 per 31-day month or $1,051.56 annually. A multi-unit residence using 600 GPD will be charged $308.47 per 31-day month or approximately $3,631.37 annually. A small commercial property using 4,000 GPD will be charged $2,236.84 per 31-day month or approximately $26,336.21 annually. The Water and Sewer charges for various levels of consumption are presented in Exhibit B.

Previous Years' Rates

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