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Special Service Fees

Service Fee Notes
Water and Sewer
Lien Certificate
$150.00 Maximum Note 1
Cross Connection
Inspection Fee

Processing Fee

Note 2

Note 2a
Application Fee
Size of Pipe
3/4" $175.00
1" $220.00
1 1/2" $225.00
Pipe Inspection
$150.00 per connect or disconnect
(Monday - Saturday, regular hours)
$300.00 per connect or disconnect
(Sunday, Holiday and other hours)
Note 3
Multi-day Inspection $365.00 per diem Note 4
Water Turn-off $40.00 Note 5
Water Turn-on $40.00 Note 6
Termination Notice Fee $80.00 Note 7
Special Meter Test Cost Basis Note 8
Fire Flow Test $250.00  
Temporary Connection
(Hydrant Permit)
$50.00 per 90-day period or fraction thereof,
plus water usage $750.00 deposit required
Street Sweeper
Hydrant Permit
$1575.00 annually  
Excavation Cost Basis
$900 deposit required
Fire Pipe Excavation Cost Basis
$2,500 deposit required
Drain Layer's License New - $50.00
Renewal - $15.00
Construction Plans & Drawings $6.00 Note 9
Frozen Meter Replacement Cost Basis Note 10
Return Payment
Processing Fee
Water Meter 3 Inches
and Larger Installed
Cost Basis  
Sewer Abatement
Meter Installed
Cost Basis  
Meter Transmission
Unit Installed (MTU)
Cost Basis  
Leak Up To Owner (LUTO)
and Lead Pipe Replacement
Cost Basis Note 11
General Service Application (GSA) $500.00 - $5,000.00 annually
(deposit required)
Note 12
Grease Trap Permit Fee $200 anually  
Hydrants Cost Basis Note 13
Implemented January 1, 2014 and effective through December 31, 2014


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