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Did You Know?

Sewer backups and overflows are typically the result of grease buildup which can cause property damage, environmental problems and other health hazards. The easiest way to solve grease problems and help prevent overflows is to keep fats, oils and grease out of the sewer system. Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets.

Delinquency Charges

A delinquency charge will be added to any amount not paid within 45 days after the billing date shown on the front of your water and sewer bill. The delinquency charge is calculated at a daily rate of .03836%, which is equal to an annual percentage rate of 14%. BWSC has the authority to foreclose on your property if it remains delinquent between one and two years.

Once a formal demand is made, BWSC will charge 16% interest in lieu of the 14% delinquency charge. BWSC will take the property for past-due charges in the same manner that the City of Boston takes properties for past-due taxes. Similar to the City, BWSC will proceed to foreclosure on properties which remain delinquent six months after the taking.

If you are incurring delinquency charges, please call BWSC’s Customer Service 617-989-7800 for possible assistance.