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Most catch basins connect to storm drains that discharge the runoff without treatment to the nearest brook, river, pond or ocean. The dumping of any material such as motor oil, paint, yard clippings, pet waste and sand into a catch basin can pollute the waterways, and is illegal.

Change of Ownership

If you have purchased property, a Change of Ownership/Billing Name Form should be completed and submitted after the real estate closing. The form is available at BWSC’s offices at 980 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02119 or by downloading the Change of Ownership form.

This form also applies to condominium associations, apartment buildings, etc., who have authorized property agents to receive and pay their BWSC bills. There is no charge for this service.

The completed change of ownership form can be mailed to:

Boston Water and Sewer Commission

Attn: Customer Services

980 Harrison Avenue

Boston, MA 02119

or fax to 617-989-7710 Attn: Customer Services


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