Lead services indicated on the map below were reported based on visual inspections performed at the water meter during installation of new water meters under the Commission’s Automatic Meter Reading program. Owners should contact the Commission to confirm the composition of the water service pipe.



  • Click the plus/minus buttons in the upper left corner to zoom in/out of the map, or ...
  • Enter an address in the search box
  • Properties with lead service are marked with red dots on the buildings.


View Data in Table

  • Click the up arrow button at the bottom center of the map window to view all lead properties in a table form
  • Click the Filter By Map Extent button to turn-off filtering events by map extent (it is on by default)
  • Click the Options button to export the data to a CSV file
  • To hide the table, click the down arrow button at the top center of the attribute table


Moving Around the Map

  • Hold down the left mouse button and drag to pan the map