BWSC was established in 1977 pursuant to a “home rule” petition adopted by the City of Boston and enacted by the Massachusetts Legislature as the Boston Water and Sewer Reorganization Act of 1977, Chapter 436 of the Acts of 1977 of the Commonwealth (the Act). The Act states that a three-member Board of a Commissioners, appointed by the Mayor of Boston and subject to confirmation by the City Council, will oversee BWSC’s activities. The Board’s primary responsibility is to ensure the sound, economical and efficient maintenance of the water and sewer systems for the citizens of Boston. The Executive Director of BWSC convenes a Commissioners’ meeting once a month to report on the status of the BWSC. The Act also provides that Board members be appointed to serve four-year staggered terms and must maintain residency with the City.

  • Any Board member may be reappointed
  • Any Board member may be removed by the Mayor for cause at any time subject to a public hearing procedure
  • At least one Board member must have extensive experience in finance and accounting
  • Board members are not compensated for their services but are reimbursed for expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of their duties

If the Mayor does not fill a vacancy on the Board within 90 days (or in the case of an unexpired term, within 60 days), the Act provides that such vacancy may be filled by majority vote of the City Council.